Women’s Wellness Sessions


Wellness Sessions are 2-hour interactive self-care and empowerment peer sessions specifically designed to support women in cultivating and sustaining balance - mind, body and spirit. The sessions emphasize the healthy release of stress, restoration of balance and cultivation of resilience - supporting overall work/life balance.

Does your career encompass daily interaction with Trauma?


Careers such as ER/Trauma Nurses, Social Workers and Physicians encompass traumatic circumstances as a daily occurrence. Likewise, female Peace Officers, Firefighters, Emergency Dispatchers and EMT’s are frequently exposed to multiple life-threatening situations, in a single day, during a single shift.


Consideration of stress is also extended to Educators [elementary through university] citing the number of unexpected incidents of violence within academic settings across the nation, placing students and staff in unexpected grave danger. Exposure to violence and/or perceived potential threat of violence, can result in prolonged periods of stress, causing a direct negative influence on daily life.

Internal changes can occur and manifest as conflictual interpersonal exchanges in the workplace, decreased levels of motivation and/or task productivity, strained family relationships, and ineffective parenting strategies, among many others. There can be a “shift” within the emotional and cognitive experiences - yet, women can be completely unaware of the changes taking place.  


Sometimes, women experience irritability, poor concentration, difficulty making decisions, sleep disturbance and/or, an overwhelming sense of "feeling stuck" ... aware that something is different, but hopeless towards creating positive change in their lives.

Are you 60+ and Retired?

Life after retirement is often fantasized as exciting. It's considered, a well deserved period of rest - The Ultimate Reward ... but many women experience something else - something less exciting ...

Women can experience a profound loss of purpose and utility ... many experience an overwhelming sense of worthlessness, and begin to question the validity of their lives - instead of having a sense of freedom and accomplishment.

Sally's Wings is designed to support Women 60+ in redefining the sense of self, reassigning self-worth and rediscovering Life!  Retirement is a Transition - NOT a stop sign!

For women actively engaged in career and/or pursuing academic goals, Wellness Sessions focus on identification of internalized stress and traumatic material, validation of experience and the healthy release of stress/distress. Additionally, exploration and acknowledgment of the multiple roles, responsibilities and hats women  wear - in addition to professional roles - is an essential component. The sessions promote restoration of emotional and psychological balance, and cultivation of resilience – not only leading to healthier functioning in the workplace, but enabling  women to thrive in their personal lives. 

For women 60+ and retired, Wellness Sessions promote healthy transitions,

redefinition of worth and purpose, and REDISCOVERY of Life, after retirement.

The 2-hr sessions are comprised of women from various walks of life. Peer constellation is reflected first, within Womanhood ... Secondly, for women pursuing careers and academic goals, within the commitment to nurturing, supporting and protecting human life, as a profession ... Dynamic Sixty Plus Ladies, enjoy a peer circle within the transition of retirement and healthy aging. Career Women and Retired Women are able to share lived experiences, explore effective coping strategies and expand support networks.













come join us ... Clarity, Healing & Rejuvenation awaits!

Teachers, Social Workers, Nurses, Veterans, Students, Clergy, 1st Responders 

Chefs, Accountants, Attorneys, 

Unmarried, Mom, Retired, Married 

and … 

Every Woman

in between