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What's the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the words "Mental Health?" … Be Honest!

your immediate thought … do you think, problems or challenges? ... essentially, "something's wrong?"

A Day of Self-care for

The Teachers



Mental Health definitely includes addressing emotional and psychological challenges …

but, MH also encompasses WELLNESS

Saturday, January 19th


The Other Side of Mental Health

Embrace an opportunity for Self-Care & Empowerment,

while simultaneously expanding your knowledge of MH Wellness.

Interactive Activities

Light Refreshments

Raffles & Gifts

fyi ... Bring Your Business Cards

Focus Points

Validation of Multifaceted Roles of Women

Self-care & Empowerment Activities

Expanded View of Mental Health

Work/Life Balance

Life Transitions




Dismantle Stigma

Dispel Myths

Practical Strategies

Reduce/Defuse Fear & Shame

Validation of Voice & Experience

Identify Elements of Wellness

Differentiate Eustress & Distress

HOW MANY Roles do you ACTIVELY embody, simultaneously?

mother, wife, TEACHER, student, caregiver for older parent or relative, clergy, entrepreneur, board member …


yea, just to name a few

Take Time for You 

Engage with Women about Common Life Experiences among Women

Validate YOURSELF through Fun, Empowering Activities

Expand Your Knowledge and Perception of Mental Health

Learn and Implement Practical Wellness Strategies

Refresh :: Revive :: Rejuvenate 

Increase Awareness & Recalibrate

Register Opens Jan 5 

- disregard cancellation policy -

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