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The Huddle

Virtual Space of Support

validation, normalization & empowerment during COVID-19

Explore and discuss healthy coping, perceptions and lived experience of physical distancing, navigating change and adjustment, gratitude and optimism as protective factors, creating a daily routine, safety tips, and much more.

COVID-19 has been an ever evolving global crisis which has impacted millions, causing illness and alarming rates of death.  Coronavirus has caused 

abrupt disruptions in daily life, highlighted social disparities and forced changes in every realm of life ... and we're still navigating unsteady waters.

Wednesday Nite Huddle.jpg

The Huddle is a Safe Space to receive and share encouragement,

emphasizing increased emotional regulation, social connection, 

decreased anxiety and decreased depressive symptoms.

Global Space of Support

drop-in 1x per month




Nite Huddle


4th Wed Each Month 

615pm :: $ 20


registration closes 6am each Wednesday

wherever you are in the world

whatever continent you reside

There's Always Space in The Huddle

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