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MoHe :: Mosaic Healing

putting the pieces of life together

MoHe Attache' is designed to meet the needs of active adults by providing alternative options, to traditional psychological services. 

Like typical psychological consulting, MoHe Attache' offers individual sessions which provide the space and freedom to explore life and life events. This can include - but not limited to - increased understanding of the connection between beliefs and behaviors, achieving balance, and expanding capacity 

to make healthy decisions ...


Unlike typical psychological consulting, MoHe Attache' offers psychological consulting within the comfort of your home, your office or location of leisure ... allowing you to incorporate self-care while maximizing your day.

The Attache' also offers interactive peer sessions exclusively for women to support increased work/life balance, through the healthy release of stress and bolstering of internal strength, allowing women to thrive personally and professionally.

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